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United States
i was born with a gameboy in my hand.

Current Residence: a little town in nowhere, USA
Favourite genre of music: everything.
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: death the kid
What would your favorite lesson be?

I'd have to say charms where I learn how to do things like Wingardium Leviosa, 'cause I'd like to make shit float around, that'd be cool.


I went to the Mystic Aquarium up in Connecticut today instead of going to school, 'cause I'm a champ.   It was pretty boss, except there were a bunch of Asian kids there speaking in foreign languages that made my head hurt and dry humping each other in public.  Yes, dry humping.  I kid you not.


Anyway, we went to the Sting Ray exhibit where you can... pet? them and stuff, and one tried to bite my goddamn finger off, so I was like fuck that, let's go see some sharks and we did.  It was awesome.  They were just chillin' out, lurking about the tank.  They were pretty big too, probably about ten to thirteen feet long.  There were other little fish exhibits too with little Nemo fish and Flotsam and Jetsam and cool glow-in-the-dark jelly fish that were emitting electric impulses or something of the sorts.  After going through the indoor exhibit, we went to see the sea lions who were making loud noises and humping each other (I think they picked it up from the Asians or vice versa) and I decided I didn't like them, so we went to see the penguins who were swimming in their own filth as the announcer kindly told us and I quickly got over the penguins as well before we went to see the Beluga Whales getting fed.  For those of you who don't know, Beluga Whales are ugly ass creatures, I don't care who tells you other wise, they're ugly and a bit derpy looking.  As I went to take a picture, the motherfucker was like IMA EATCHU (as seen below):

Derpy Beluga Whale

It was then I decided I didn't really like the Aquarium all that much and would have probably liked it better had we gone to a zoo where there were lions and tigers instead of smelly fish who all have the urge to dismember me, but I got a coffee mug and a Shark Pincher thing at the gift shop so I guess it was alright.

Conclusion:  Sharks and Jelly Fish are the only cool thing to see at an Aquarium besides the Gift Shop.
  • Listening to: Draco and the Malfoys
  • Watching: Jersey Shore
  • Drinking: Water

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